SMC Rope Tracker

SMC Rope Tracker


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The SMC Rope Tracker is engineered to secure, capture, protect and manage multiple ropes when negotiating difficult edge transitions. The SMC Rope Tracker is manufactured from a high quality durable abrasion resistant thermoplastic blend to minimize weight and maximize strength.

Key Features:

  • A channel and rib design give users the ability to manage ropes up to 16 mm
  • Body will flex to 90°edge angles

Color: Orange
Weight: 14.5 oz (413 g)
Length: 20.10" (51.1 cm)
Width: 3.40" (8.6 cm)
Height: 1.00" (2.5 cm)
Max Rope Size: 16 mm for center groove / 12.5 for side channels
Material: Themoplastic